What Is SEO and Website Optimization ?

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies, methods, tactics and techniques used to make a website an authority in it’s niche. The results are higher rankings and better placement in the SERP’s (search engine results page) including Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Reputation Management

Making sure potential customers see what your business truly is, instead of what the minority put online is what  reputation management is all about. Utilizing reputation management will help generate more leads, referrals from website visitors, and make your marketing efforts more effective.


Google Mobile Compliance

Last year Google reported that more than 70% of all searches were from mobile devices. As a result, Google published new standards that require websites to be “Mobile Friendly” or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). What does this mean for online businesses? That if your website does not deliver a Good User Experience to the Mobile Search engine, then your site simply won’t Rank! To find out if your site is Mobile Ready click on here or on the link above to find out more and how we can help.

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Set Your Expectations High!

Increase Visibility

Give your business the visibility it demands when you dominate the rankings in Google Search Engine Results Page. C&M Digital makes all digital roads lead to you.

Grow Your Business

With our expert search engine expertise, we will help drive more customers to your website, online store, products, and services than any other digital marketing strategies. Our online marketing strategies will help grow your business.

Increased Revenue

As your company increases it online presence your business will grow from new inquiries and customers that want to purchase your goods and services.


We're here to answer questions, solve problems, or just need an update, we're always happy to hear from you.

Monthly Reports

We send ranking updates and any important news so that clients are aware of important changes in the industry and making recommendations to help advance their online success.


As SEO experts, we consult with only the top SEO's in the world. As part of this very exclusive and closed community, we are able to formulate strategies and tactics that keep us on the cutting edge. We also know what is working and what's not. We stay on top of the search engine industry so that our client websites benefit.

Google SERP Domination

We don't want to just get our clients to the first page. We want our clients to take over the whole page. We have ranked and dominated for the toughest searches in the nation and in local markets.

Done In the USA

All work is done in-house by our internet marketing pro's. We don't outsource any of our work.

No Long Term Contracts

Our contracts are month to month. We deliver results. If we don't, then why should you be forced to stick around?



Offering the best products or the most amazing services is simply not enough. If people don't know you exist, they cannot buy from you. There are billions of pieces of content on the Web---from blogs to ads, social media sites and videos--all competing for your customer's attention. Driving your ideal customer to your site and getting them to make a purchase is key to growing your business online.

Get Their Attention---But How?

Studies have shown that it takes a reader only a few seconds to make a judgment about your business after they land on your website. So not only is the challenge to get them there, but to keep them there long enough to deliver your sales message. Search engine optimization is the art and science of creating Web content that will attract both your ideal client and the search engines, planting them right at your front door.

If you have ever searched for anything online, you know that being front and center is key. Most people will only click on the first few listings of the search engine results pages, so getting into one of those top spots is key.

How Search Engines Operate

Search engines want to deliver relevant content for searchers. If you type "Apple" into a search box, the search engine needs to understand whether you are looking for ingredients for a pie or the latest cell phone. The engines use a system, called an algorithm, to determine exactly what the searcher is looking for and to deliver the perfect solution.

Content Creation and Keyword Selection

One of the ways that you can attract the search engines to your site is through the careful placement of keywords. If you sell used cameras your content could be a blog post titled, "Nikon 3300 lenses," for example. Selecting the exact keywords that your customers will use is a skill that requires an in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms.

Content is king online. Your readers are going searching for information. They want you to solve a problem for them. They want you to tell them what camera is best for shooting baseball games or what lens is best in low light. They want to see video tutorials about how to clean their lenses or listen to podcasts from experts on the subject. Having useful content will make it more likely that search engines will deliver your page to your customers on a silver platter.

What SEO Companies Can Do for Your Business

SEO companies are invaluable to small businesses. These search experts can create content that will draw people to your site. They can create videos, write blog posts or promote your business on social media. They will also take your existing content and maximize it for the Web.

SEO experts understand keyword density, domain name selection and the importance of inbound and outbound linking. They can also keep your site updated to make sure your content is fresh and engaging to your readers.

Online Reputation Management

One of the most valuable services that SEO companies provide is online reputation management. One bad review by a disgruntled former employee or a malicious competitor can sink your business. An SEO firm can monitor mention of your business online and stop any negative attacks before they get out of control. They can also build up an image of you online that is so positive that negative attacks hold little weight.

Off-Page Marketing

Off-page marketing can be just as valuable as the content that lives on your site. Off-page marketing refers to content that exists on other sites and enhances your business image. Your SEO company will create guest posts on popular blogs, leveraging the power of influence to boost your brand. They will also participate in forums related to your business and share your press releases with article distribution sites. There are many ways to put your business front and center, and your expert SEO company will perform this task for you.

Social Media Marketing

Do you want people to "pin" your photos on Pinterest? Share your status on Facebook or re-tweet your tweets on Twitter? Your SEO firm can create content that will make people want to tell the world about your business. Social media can make or break your business exposure, so it is vital that you hire a firm that knows how to use this medium to your advantage.

When it comes to getting your company in front of the eyes of your best paying clients, a search engine optimization specialist can create a stellar image of your company online.

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